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Face lifts have become an increasingly popular surgery as the desire to look younger has grown. Face lifts address loose skin, wrinkles and deep lines. They can also treat severe facial and neck skin sagging.

When you come into a consultation to see if a face lift is right for you, Dr. Sheila Nazarian will evaluate your family history, medical history, skin elasticity, bone structure, wrinkles, and the hairline. It is extremely important that you tell her any medical problems you have and any medication you are or have been taking, including herbal medications.

Neck Lift Procedure

There are several different variations of face lifts, differing by size, placement, and amount of incisions; procedure; and the results. During a face lift, general anesthesia is commonly used, although it is possible to perform the procedure under local anesthesia. Most incisions are made in front of and behind the ear, placed where it will fall into the natural crease of the skin. On occasion, the incision will extend into the scalp. Face lifts for males will have the incisions fall into the natural hair lines. During the actual facelift, Dr. Nazarian will work with the deeper layers of the face. Usually the surgeon will separate the skin from the muscle, lift and/or trim what is needed, then re-drape the skin and suture it back in place.

Risks and Recovery

Medication will be prescribed for the recovery period, as mild discomfort and moderate swelling of the eyelids and other facial areas may occur. After 2 weeks, the swelling will subside enough to allow some social activity. The typical recovery period is 4 weeks; most surgeons will recommend a facelift to be done a minimum of 3 months before any major event.

Something to remember with a facelift is that no matter how skilled your surgeon is, nature and gravity will eventually take affect again. Secondary facelift surgeries are not uncommon, as skin will sag again and the areas not targeted by the initial facelift may look more lax than the others. Before the procedure, Dr. Nazarian will tell you that you should stop smoking. Drinking alcohol is also strongly discouraged. Because smoking severely compromises blood flow to the skin, less oxygen will be available to aid in the wound-healing process.

Alternatives to Surgery

Dr. Nazarian is a big believer in customizing each treatment plan. It is quite common that she will recommend minimally invasive skin-tightening procedures and skincare products to completely avoid surgery or prepare the skin for surgery. These treatments include Pelleve, radiofrequency skin tightening, peels, Dermapen, or a medical grade skincare regimen. The better the quality and elasticity of your skin, the better the surgical result!

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