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Tendon Lacerations



Tendon Lacerations

Injuries are often the side effect of an active lifestyle. No matter how careful someone is while playing with their kids, participating in sports, or hard at work, there’s always a chance something could go wrong and a tendon could get lacerated. Lacerating a tendon can be very painful and a great deal of care will have to be used whenever the joint is moved.

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Types of Tendon Lacerations

There are partial lacerations that may or may not weaken the function of the hand. The other is a full laceration which leaves the tendon nonfunctional. While painful and inconvenient, tendon lacerations aren’t the end of the world. They can be treated and will heal with a skillful surgeon and reliable, motivated patient.

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Treatments For Tendon Lacerations

Instead of waiting to see if the injuries will heal on their own, anyone who suspects they have a tendon injury needs to seek professional help right away. Doctors use a physical examination to see how many tendon lacerations have occurred and how severe each cut is. Treatment is based on the physical exam results.

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Minor Tendon Lacerations

For minor tendon lacerations, sometimes the only treatment required will be rest. Once the fibers have healed, the patient will undergo occupational therapy to optimize hand function.

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Severe Tendon Lacerations

For severe lacerations, including severed tendons, surgery may be the only solution. This generally happens soon after the original diagnosis, though if the swelling is severe, the surgery may be postponed. It is very important for patients to seek medical attention right away as many tendons cannot be repaired after a couple of weeks.

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Asked Questions

What happens if a tendon is cut?

Tendons are very vital to the function of a hand, as well as the fingers. Even cuts that are close to a tendon on a hand, can affect the nerves of the hand. However, a cut tendon means that the tendon will begin pulling apart. In order to correct this, your doctor may stitch up the area and provide you with a splint.

How long does it take for a cut extensor tendon to heal?

Your doctor will advise you on your treatment method and how long it will take for your tendon to heal based on your individual case. Your tendon may need to be splinted for an extended period of time. This could entail up to twelve weeks of recovery time.

Can flexor tendons heal on their own?

When tendons connect to your muscles or your bone, they are under tension. A break in this tension will cause the tendon to begin pulling apart. This means that an injury to a tendon will require treatment. Leaving a tendon untreated can result in the loss of movement in your hand.

How long does it take for a finger tendon to heal?

Recovery times for tendons depend on if the tendon has been cut or is only stretched. A stretched tendon will require you to keep the finger in a splint. The healing time could be around five weeks. However, it the tendon is cut then the recovery time could be closer to eight weeks.

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