Revision Tummy Tuck

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Tummy Tuck Revision Before and After Photos

tummy tuck revision is just that. It is a second abdominoplasty, which will range in a variety of ways depending on the desired results. It could include completely repeating the tummy tuck, such as retightening abdominal muscles and trimming away extra skin, or minor tweaks like scar revision. Patients may seek a revision surgery due to a number of reasons, including weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, poor healing, and unsatisfactory results. For example, the skin may become relax after several weeks or months causing it to become too loose. However, it is normal to have extra skin when sitting. Large transformations often call for revisions, so having a tummy tuck revision is not uncommon. Review the before and after images below to see the results of our tummy tuck revisions.

Check Out Our Tummy Tuck Revision Before and After Photos

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