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V-Sculp Body Contouring

Attaining a vital, youthful looking body contour is always about restoring proper proportion. This often entails removing stubborn pockets of fat from areas where you have too much. But it may also involve placing this fat into areas where you need more volume such as the chest, breasts and buttocks as strategically placed fat grafting has the power to improve your muscular shape and/or curves. Our proprietary V-Sculp Body Contouring encompasses all of the benefits of fat in one procedure — liposculpture to liposuction and smooth out the areas that have too much, and fat grafting to boost the areas that don’t have enough.

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Pairs Well With

  • Arnica

    Available in-office, our blend of medical-grade Arnica, Bromelain, and Vitamin K is much more potent and bioavailable than those available in drug stores. We recommend taking 2 pills daily starting up to 1 month, 2 weeks, or a couple days before your procedure and continuing until bruising and swelling have resolved. Also available with Tumeric to take starting 2 weeks after your surgical procedure for added anti-inflammatory benefits.

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  • Ocumend

    This innovative, ultra-penetrating technology is clinically proven to reduce bruising, swelling and pain

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  • Silagen- 100% Pure Silicone Gel

    Silagen Silicone Scar Treatments are a revolutionary, physician-exclusive line of medical grade silicone scar treatment products created to dramatically reduce the appearance of scars. Don’t let your self-consciousness about scars keep you from living your best life. Stop hiding your scars with clothes and use Silagen silicone scar treatments to reduce their visibility for good.

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  • Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

    Formulated specifically with Ceravitae to produce oxygen and allow your skin to breathe, Oxygenetix's Oxygenating Foundation is a fan favorite at The Skin Spot. Beneficial for all skin types, this conscious cosmetic goes on sheer and provides buildable coverage, perfect for post-procedure or while dealing with a skin flare. We swear by this beautiful, breathable makeup that also has SPF 30.

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    Silagen Silicone Scar Treatments are a revolutionary, physician-exclusive line of medical grade silicone scar treatment products created to dramatically reduce the appearance of scars. Don’t let your self-consciousness about scars keep you from living your best life. Stop hiding your scars with clothes and use Silagen silicone scar treatments to reduce their visibility for good.

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  • Kayo Concentrated Firming Serum

    This award winning serum is specially formulated to help provide firmer, tighter looking skin for an overall slimmer look. This refining treatment serum helps smooth and firm to reduce the appearance of cellulite based on a blend of firming ingredients. A botanical Firming Complex, plus Hyaluronic Acid and Kayo’s Omega Oil Blend and Superfruit Blend help to deliver extreme hydration to firm and smooth the skin to improve skin elasticity. This product absorbs quickly and is fragrance free, allowing it to be seamlessly layered under your favorite beauty products, discreetly enhancing your natural beauty. Free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Petrolatum, Synthetic Color, PEGs, TEA, DEA, and Mineral Oil. Always Vegan. This product is not tested on animals. Made in the U.S.A. Consciously sourced. Allergy Caution: Contains nuts or nut by products. Instructions for Use: Spot treat daily on problems areas such as thighs, buttock, arms, or under neck. Specially formulated to work beautifully under Kayo's The Body Beautiful Crème. Use in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle for enhanced results.

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  • Kayo Daily Remodeling Serum

    This multi-functional hydrating serum is instilled with Hyaluronic Acid and Copper Peptides to help enhance the appearance of skin. Skin is saturated with long-lasting deep hydration from Hyaluronic Acid and Kayo’s Omega Oil Blend, while skin is further layered with Kayo’s antioxidant rich Superfruit Blend, leaving skin energized and radiant.

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  • Nazarian Smooth Body

    This All-trans-Retinol body treatment works to remove and smooth any visible cellulite, wrinkles and stretch marks, as well as tightens, tones and evens out skin texture. Its potent and powerful delivery system provides ultimate dermal penetration for the highest level of results.

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  • Silagen's Clear Silicone Dots

    Silagen's Clear Silicone Dots are an ideal post-procedure treatment to eliminate scarring. These clear dots are 1 mm in thickness, which adds to the durability and lifespan of this product. There are six dots in each package, all of which can be washed and reused for up to two months.

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    Environ Body DermaLac Lotion contains a medium concentration of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Lactic acid, Urea, and Ammonium Lactate) for use on rough, sun-damaged and congested skin. It's lightly scented and more watery in consistency. We love this product for the bumpy back of arms and scarring from active or old back acne. This hydrating lotion helps smooth and soften dry, rough skin on the elbows, feet, and knees as well as providing an overall soothing experience. This is a must-have for body exfoliation!

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Dr. Nazarian featured Articles

Are You a Candidate for Liposculpture?

V-Sculp Body Contouring or liposculpture is ideal for any patient, male or female, who is:
  • in good overall health
  • does not smoke
  • suffers from stubborn pockets of fat in certain areas of the body
  • desires a volume increase in other parts of the body
The important thing with this procedure is that you have realistic expectations. Liposuction is never about weight loss. It’s a procedure that restores balance or harmony to the body. But this fat that may be unwanted in the abdomen, for example, could enhance buttocks that have flattened with age or a chest that isn’t as muscular as you’d like. By combining liposuction and fat grafting, liposculpture allows Dr. Nazarian to subtly and precisely re-contour your entire body for a younger, more energetic look.

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Liposuction Procedure

The first part of any V-Sculp Body Contouring procedure entails liposuction. Dr. Nazarian will first make a series of small incisions in your treatment area, and inject a tumescent solution to make the fat cells easier to remove, and reduce post-operative bruising and swelling. She then uses a cannula or small suction tube to siphon off the fat. One of the best things about liposuction is its versatility. It can address pockets of fat almost anywhere on the body including the:
  • abdomen
  • inner & outer thighs
  • flanks
  • buttocks
  • upper arms
  • bra roll
  • back
  • knees
  • neck
The other huge benefit is that your results are permanent. Once a fat cell is removed, it does not come back. In the second part of your liposculpture surgery, Dr. Nazarian takes this fat and uses it to plump up areas that have deflated with time, genetics, weight gain/loss and pregnancy.

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Fat Grafting to the Breast

Fat transfer to the breast gives patients a totally natural way to increase breast volume. Men can also have this procedure to enhance the appearance of their pectoralis or chest muscles. The best female candidate for fat grafting to the breast is someone who suffers from an emptiness in the upper pole or the top of the breast and/or only wants a slight increase in overall volume. Great for improving cleavage, a fat transfer to the breast can only increase your breast size by about a half a cup size at most. Since not all of the transferred fat will survive, Dr. Nazarian will overfill the breasts or chest by about 20%. This means that your final results are going to take time to appreciate - usually about 3 months.

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Fat Grafting to the Buttocks

When it comes to fat grafting to the buttocks, Dr. Nazarian’s goal is to either restore or create proper body proportion by adding the appropriate amount of volume to the top of your buttocks and/or hips. At its core, V-Sculp Body Contouring is a sculpting or liposculpture procedure. If you think about any great sculptor, the art is in creating shadows in the right places through both subtraction and addition. This is exactly what Dr. Nazarian achieves with her unique combination of liposuction and fat grafting.

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Asked Questions

Are the results from fat grafting permanent?

Yes. Whether fat is transferred to your breasts, chest or buttocks, the results are permanent. However, only about 50-70% of the injected fat is going to survive. This is why I almost always over-fill by about 20% at the time of surgery. Poor habits like smoking will reduce the amount of fat that survives as well. It will take around 3 months before you can get a really good idea of how things look. This can be frustrating. But most fat grafting patients think that the wait is well worth their natural results.

What if I don’t have enough fat to transfer to my buttocks?

An implicit component to fat grafting is that you have to have enough fat to harvest. In general, I can find the fat. Oftentimes, I will take it from multiple areas. However, in patients who are really thin or who are body builders with super low body fat, I can use Sculptra injections to build up volume in the buttocks. This is typically done as a stand alone or 3-6 months after your initial fat grafting procedure if you still want more volume.

Can I sit down after a fat transfer to the buttocks?

You are going to want to stay off your buttocks for long periods of time for the first couple of weeks. The reason for this is that any pressure on the area is going to restrict blood supply. And the newly grafted fat cells need this blood to survive. So, I like my patients to sleep on their sides or stomach as much as possible, and to restrict sitting to under 30 minutes at a time for the first two weeks. After that, you can slowly ease back into things. But listen to your body. If something hurts, back off.

I am an A cup and would like to be a C. Can I get there with fat grafting?

In general, a fat transfer to the breasts isn’t ideal for a patient who wants a big bump in volume. But since you really don’t want an implant, my advice would be for you is to see a surgeon who is going to be straight with you. I am always very honest with my patients about what to expect. I have found that this is the key to a happy outcome. Fat grafting to the breasts will increase your size. Whether or not it can deliver your “ideal” will require an in-person exam. Multiple fat grafting procedures can be performed to eventually get you there.

How does fat grafting work?

Fat is removed via liposuction from an area where you don’t want it. This fat is then treated to remove any fluid so that only the fat cells remain. I then use a syringe with a very fine cannula to strategically place the fat exactly where it is needed. Fat grafting is really an art form. So, my only advice would be to make certain that you see a surgeon who has a lot of experience and whose before and afters you like.

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