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Dr. Nazarian

Liposuction happens to be the most common cosmetic procedure for men. In 2016, the Plastic Surgery Statistics Report showed that cosmetic surgeons performed 27,000 liposuction procedures on men. While you may think of a woman when cosmetic enhancements are mentioned, men are becoming more aware of their appearances and how these enhancements can help them. Keep reading to learn more about liposuction for men.

What Is Liposuction? 

Liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that may or may not require anesthesia. Dr. Nazarian will begin the procedure by making several small incisions in the area where fat will be removed. From there, a saline solution will be injected to help numb the area and decrease bruising when the fat is being removed.

Once this is done, Dr. Nazarian will insert a small suction tube which will remove the fat deposits permanently. Liposuction can be combined with a number of other procedures such as a tummy tuck or fat transfer to the buttocks, chest or arms to provide more definition.

While liposuction will help eliminate fat, it is not used as a weight-loss tool. It helps tone and sculpts an area of the body that has accumulated a large amount of fat throughout the years. Men often opt for this procedure because it helps get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that cannot be eliminated with diet and exercise alone.

Liposuction for men is very popular because a lot of men want to sculpt specific areas of their body. Once these areas have been treated, they are fixed for good.

Here are some of the most common areas that men choose to have liposuction:

Other areas may include thighs, buttocks, knees, hips, and upper arms. Overall, after your procedure, you’ll have a toned, more athletic appearance in that particular area. 

Liposuction for Men Versus Liposuction for Women   

When comparing liposuction for men versus liposuction for women, you should understand that both utilize the same procedure. However, men usually opt for different areas to have liposuction on, such as their necks, abdomen, or chest. On the other hand, women tend to want liposuction on their hips, thighs, or abdomen. 

Moreover, men have a different fat composition than women. In men, fibrous tissue encases the fat, which ultimately makes removal more difficult. Men, however, tend to have thicker skin allowing it to contour better. 

Am I a Good Candidate?

If you desire body contouring, have fat that doesn’t seem to be affected by standard exercise, or you have excess breast tissue, you may qualify for liposuction. 

Since liposuction isn’t for weight loss, you want to be close to your target weight. Generally, you want to be a patient who’s tried to lose weight but has stubborn areas that are resistant to weight loss. 

Usually, an ideal candidate is within 30 percent of his target weight. You should also have a dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so you can keep your results. 

Treatment Details for Male Liposuction 

When you decide you want liposuction for men, you’ll usually have three different appointments, possibly more: virtual consultation, surgery, and post-op appointment.  


At your consultation with Dr. Nazarian, she will do a thorough evaluation, go over your past medical history, get a list of medications you are currently on, and explore all of your options both surgical and non-surgical. From there, she will determine if you are a good candidate for liposuction.

Dr. Nazarian’s team will also go over all post-operative instructions with you, as well as give you details about the recovery phase of your procedure. It is important that you go into your consultation with a list of questions that you want to ask. This way you come out feeling like you fully understand what will go on before, during, and after your procedure. 

In addition, pictures will be taken to plot a course of action for your liposuction enhancement. Dr. Nazarian will cater your procedure towards your needs, which will ensure you get optimal results. 

You will receive educational material to take home with you and be instructed on what to do before your procedure. Some medications may have to be stopped 7 to 5 days before your procedure, but this will be in your post-operative instructions. 

Be sure that you look over your instructions and understand everything you need to do before the day of your surgery. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Many of our patients get home and remember something they forgot to ask. You can reach us at any time by phone and we will be happy to answer your questions. 


When you arrive for your surgery, Dr. Nazarian will mark off the surgical spots to map out the procedure. You’ll receive the anesthetic that you and Dr. Nazarian discussed at your consultation.

Once you are sedated, Dr. Nazarian will inject a saline solution into the designated area. The saline expands the fat cells, so they’re easier to remove during the surgery. 

Incisions will be made for the cannula. The number of incisions you receive depends on the size of the region where you’re going to have the procedure. 

The cannula will then be inserted under the skin. The end of the cannula has a vacuum that removes fat and fluid from the area. The procedure will last between one to two hours, depending on the amount of fat and the size of the area.

At the end of your surgery, you may receive pain medication and antibiotics to prevent an infection from setting into your incisions. Liposuction for men is a same-day surgery. The only exception is if you have a large amount of fat removed or experience a complication. 

You may notice a big improvement immediately after the procedure, but you’ll lose more fat cells over time. Usually, between six to 12 months after your surgery, you’ll experience the full results of your procedure.  

Post-Op Appointment 

After your surgery, you’ll need to return for a post-op appointment to check on the progress of your healing. This is also when Dr. Nazarian will remove your drainage tubes and any non-dissolvable stitches. 

You may need one or more additional follow-up appointments after the surgery, depending on your progress. Dr. Nazarian will inform you of any restrictions you need to follow to prevent problems.  Some follow-ups will be virtual for your convenience.

Recovering from Liposuction

Immediately after your surgery, you may have bruising, swelling, pain, and discomfort.

The swelling, however, tends to subside within three weeks after your surgery. At that point, the area will start to look normal once again and even better than before because your figure will look more contoured. 

Generally, you’ll need to refrain from certain activities, such as exercise. You may also need to take off a few days of work. All of these things will be discussed with you during your consultation and given to you in your discharge instructions on the day of your surgery.  

Your incisions are small, usually around one to two millimeters in length. Within a few weeks, the incisions heal and are virtually unnoticeable. Leaving you with very minimal scarring. 

Before you leave the facility after your surgery, you will be given a compression garment to help control the swelling and also to help the area heal properly. 

While you’re healing, you can expect to have some irregularities in the contouring of the area. These will subside once the fat settles completely. 

Safety of Liposuction

Liposuction for men is generally a safe procedure. The main side effects usually include bruising and swelling, which subside. You may, however, have a change in skin sensitivity, irregular pigmentation, bruising, or an infection. 

Before your surgery, Dr. Nazarian takes the necessary steps to make sure the surgery is safe for you to minimize your risk of side effects. 

A second surgery isn’t usually necessary, but some patients do require a revision, in particular, if they require a large amount of fat reduction. 

Are You Ready?

Liposuction for men may give you the body you always desired. Especially if you are targeting stubborn areas. The procedure will even help you look more youthful. If you are ready to take the next step in finding out more about liposuction, give us a call to schedule your consultation! Dr. Nazarian is a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon who can help you obtain the results you desire. 

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