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Optimize your look with a Cyst or Mole Removal in Beverly Hills

Cyst & Mole Removal procedures are safe, routine, and effective ways to remove growths from on or under your skin. Removing moles and cysts can improve self-esteem and confort.

After removal, your tissue may be sent for further testing, which can significantly improve the chances of early cancer detection. More than 96% of patients state that their removal procedures were absolutely worth it.

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What is Cyst & Mole Removal?

Cyst & Mole Removal is a non-surgical or surgical procedure that removes cysts and moles from the skin. General practitioners, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists can often perform these procedures in-office. If the growths appear potentially harmful, your provider may send them for pathological examination under a microscope.

Cysts are slow-growing sacks of tissue located internally and under the surface of your skin. They are commonly found in adults. In contrast, moles are growths on the skin's surface created by pigmented cells called melanocytes. They can be light or dark in color.

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Cyst & Mole Removal Benefits

Not all growths need to be removed, but a removal is an excellent option if the cyst or mole negatively impacts your daily life. Cyst & Mole Removal delivers numerous benefits.

What Results to Expect:

  • Minimal pain and discomfort 
  • Minimal scarring
  • Reduction or Elimination of associated pain and irritation
  • Alleviation of skin cancer concerns
  • Increased chances of early detection of cancerous cells
  • Improved appearance
  • Improved self-confidence

How Long Will Results Last?

Cyst and mole removal delivers long-lasting results. However, cysts and moles can return if any affected tissue is left behind after the procedure.

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Cyst & Mole Removal Cost & Pricing Structure

Procedure costs will vary depending on the provider, their qualifications, location, and your individual treatment needs. Discounts are sometimes available for payments made using cash or debit cards.

  • US National Average
    • Cyst Removal: $2,075
    • Mole Removal: $800
  • Our Price: Costs can vary depending on the provider. Please Contact us for an estimate.
  • Additional Costs: Additional costs will vary greatly depending on various factors and may include:
    • Supplemental Pain Management
    • Pathology or Laboratory Fees
    • Subsequent Removal of Cysts or Moles That Reappear
  • Insurance: Cosmetic procedures are rarely ever covered by insurance. However, they will often cover:
    • Removals that are deemed medically necessary
    • Potentially cancerous or diseased tissue removal
    • Laboratory testing and diagnostics

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How Cyst & Mole Removal Works

Cyst & Mole Removal procedures are very similar in their approaches. They both involve excising a growth on or underneath the skin. The procedure is very tolerable, and not all removals require stitches. There is often no downtime—patients can return to their normal activities immediately.

Before & Preparation

Before scheduling an appointment for removal, you will first have a consultation with your provider. This meeting is for you and your provider to gather all the necessary information before your procedure.

Your provider will:

  • Go over your medical history
  • Examine and photograph the areas of concern
  • Determine the type of growth(s) to be removed
  • Create a treatment plan for removal
  • Schedule your removal procedure

Be sure to tell your provider about

  • Any current medications, especially those that affect blood clotting
  • Any history of health issues related to clotting
  • Any history of issues with healing

During the Procedure

Your procedure begins with the experienced practitioner marking and sterilizing the targeted area.

  • Anesthetic is injected into the area using a small needle. It can be slightly uncomfortable but should be the only pain you experience.
  • Your provider will use a scalpel or cylindrical blade to remove the growth. You may feel some pressure, but there shouldn’t be any pain.
  • Minor excisions may not require stitches.

Depending on difficulty and severity, Cyst & Mole Removal procedures can range from just a few minutes to about an hour. If you need stitches, your provider will instruct you on proper care and schedule a follow-up visit for removal. Your removed tissue may be sent off for further testing.

Aftercare & Recovery

Recovery is typically minimal and requires no restrictions from ordinary activities. For best results, make sure you:

  • Prevent potential irritation during healing
  • Avoid stretching the treatment area with exercise
  • Protect the treated area from the sun
  • Use scar therapy starting two weeks after the procedure to improve color and texture

Minimal tenderness and redness can appear at the site, but they will fade with recovery.

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Treatment Areas

Treatment areas are not specific, as cysts and moles can occur anywhere. Some locations on the body can be more complex or sensitive to treat than others and may require additional care.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Cyst & Mole Removal?

Good candidates for Cyst & Mole Removal:

  • Have visible, irritating, or painful growths
  • Have concerns about cancerous growths
  • Do not have allergies to anesthetics
  • Do not have any active infections or viral illnesses

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Similar & Related Procedures

There are various methods for Cyst and Mole Removal procedures. Continue reading to find out which one is the most appropriate for you.

  • Surgical Excisions: Surgical Excisions are used when growths are dark or bumpy, or if cancer is suspected; an oval-shaped excision requiring stitches; is likely to leave some scarring.
  • Punch Excisions: a surgical technique using a hollow, cylindrical blade that removes a “plug” of the growth and some surrounding tissue; most commonly used on flat moles.
  • Shave Excision: Shave Excision is best for raised and light-colored growth; a horizontal cut at the base of the growth results in a flat skin surface.
  • Endoscopic Excision: an excision technique for internal growths. Two small openings provide entry to the body with no need for open surgery. It also reduces the chances of infection.

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Side Effects & Risks

It’s important to remember that all surgical procedures carry some risk. While Cyst & Mole Removal isn’t a risky procedure, side effects can include:

  • Scarring
  • Tightened Skin Around The Treatment Area during Healing
  • Surgical Site Infection
  • Recurrence of Growth
Some growths are more likely than others to return after excision. Talk to your practitioner about your type of growth and the likelihood of recurrence.

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Cyst & Mole Removal Reviews

“I picked Dr. Nazarian because of the numerous 5 star reviews other patients have given her, particularly the one about her being the Queen of Cyst Removal, which is why I sought a plastic surgeon. Dr. Nazarian's office is what you'd expect a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon's office to look like, and with a focus on the feminine, glam side of things. I came in for a consulting and agreed to have them removed on the spot. The entire experience, including coming back two weeks later to have stitches removed, was fantastic. I had complete confidence in her and I highly recommend her. Thanks doc!”

Richard L.

Los Angeles, CA

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Dr Sheila Nazarian Plastic Surgeon

There are many cases when a cyst will not need to be seen by a medical doctor. However, in some cases, medical intervention is necessary. Surgical doctors have the proper sterile equipment in order to effectively remove and treat a cyst. There may be several specialists who could diagnose a cyst.

A family doctor often does not have the surgical experience in order to remove cysts. Your regular doctor will typically refer you to a specialist or a surgeon in order to get the proper diagnosis for your cyst and potential removal. The surgeon will be able to determine if you are a candidate for surgery.

When a cyst is under the skin, it will need to be drained. This involves the laceration of the cyst and gentle pushing to help relieve pressure, as well as release what is inside. The cyst may become swollen and tender, but the doctor will inject medicine into the cyst to help alleviate these symptoms. In some cases, the entire cyst will need to be removed.

If you have noticed a cyst on your earlobe, there is a way to get rid of it. A doctor will be able to remove the cyst for you, which will require local anesthetic. The cyst will be cut off and your earlobe will be stitched up.

The most significant difference between moles and cysts is the type of cells that make them.

  • Cysts are pockets of fluid or tissue underneath the skin that are rarely cancerous.
  • Moles are concentrations of pigmented skin cells and are more likely to be cancerous.

Moles have more potential than cysts to develop into cancer. Monitoring your freckles and moles for changes can help with early cancer detection, significantly reducing the risk of disease progression.

You can return to normal activities immediately after your appointment. If you received stitches during your procedure, they would be removed by your provider about a week later. Total wound healing can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year.

Mole removal is completed in your provider’s office using surgical methods that require local anesthesia. You should never attempt to remove a mole on your own or in a way that can’t test the tissue for pathologies.

The best method is to have an experienced practitioner assess and remove the growth. Removal methods depend on various factors but include surgical and non-surgical options, with some options including placement of stitches.

Cyst removal is safe and effective. Some growths can be severe, but their removal is typically simple enough to be done in your doctor’s office with a local anesthetic.

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