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Inverted Nipple Correction



Inverted Nipple Correction

The nipples are an important aesthetic component of the breast that most of us take for granted. However, some women and men are born with inverted nipples that point inward, not outward. This often makes them feel self-conscious.  Furthermore, in cases where only one nipple is inverted, it can make your breasts look asymmetric. For the most part, the downside of inverted nipples is aesthetic. However, for some women, it may also make breastfeeding more difficult. Inverted Nipple Correction is a simple surgical procedure that can turn your nipples in the outward direction.

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Inverted Nipple Correction Consultation

The first step in any aesthetic journey is the in-person consultation. Dr. Nazarian will see patients in her Beverly Hills office. Or, if you live out of town, the initial consultation can be virtual. Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for our patients. During your inverted nipple correction consultation, Dr. Nazarian will listen closely to what bothers you about your breasts. Then, she will perform a thorough physical examination. While inverted nipples are easy to assess, there are a couple of different underlying causes.   Certain patients are simply born with inverted nipples while others may develop them with age. The fibrous tissues and/or milk ducts in the nipple can shorten. The most obvious example of this is when scar tissue develops thanks to a breast biopsy. However, for other patients, their breasts may change in size and develop more “droop” due to pregnancy and/or weight gain/loss. This can make the nipples appear inverted. Sometimes, this will correct on its own. But other times, the inversion is permanent. 

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Ideal Candidate for Inverted Nipple Treatment

An ideal candidate for inverted nipple correction surgery is any man or woman who is bothered by the aesthetics of his or her nipples. There are really three levels of nipple inversion:  
  • Level 1 - Patients have what is often referred to as “shy” nipples. They are inverted, but still tend to respond to stimulation such as a cold breeze or a lover’s touch. But while level 1 inverted nipples will “pop out” for a bit, this correction is not permanent. 
  • Level 2 - The nipples won’t respond to cold weather, but their nipples may respond to strong suction. But again, this response is not a permanent solution.
  • Level 3 - Patients with level 3 inverted nipples have the most constriction. Their nipples don’t typically respond to any kind of external stimuli. 

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Inverted Nipple Treatment Procedure

While there are non-surgical solutions for patients with level 1 or 2 nipple inversion such as suction devices, these are temporary solutions. Some of these patients may decide to “fix” the issue by piercing their nipples. This does bring the nipple out of hiding, but only for as long as the barbell stays in place. Inverted nipple correction surgery is the only procedure to permanently turn your nipples so that they face outward. There are two techniques when it comes to the inverted nipple correction procedure. One, called the “duct preserving” technique, preserves some of the milk ducts. The other, and more common procedure, severs the milk ducts. Both are performed in the office under local anesthesia. Dr. Nazarian spends a lot of time with her female patients during the consultation discussing the pros and cons of each as the later will affect your ability to breastfeed.

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Inverted Nipple Surgery Recovery

After your surgery, Dr. Nazarian will cover your nipples in the antibiotic ointment. You will be sent home and advised to take it easy for that first night. Patients are allowed to shower the next day. Inverted nipple correction patients need to continue to apply an antibiotic ointment for a few days and wear a loose bra (if applicable), but really, that’s it. Dr. Nazarian will want to see you in a couple of weeks to make sure that everything is healing properly, but patients can return to their daily activities almost immediately. Exercise is discouraged for two weeks, however. To find out more about Inverted Nipple Correction surgery with Dr. Sheila Nazarian at her Beverly Hills office, contact us today or call (310) 773-3039 to schedule a consultation.

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Asked Questions

I haven’t had children yet. Can I still breastfeed after inverted nipple correction surgery? 

Yes. But only if you see a surgeon who practices the newer “duct sparing” technique. This preserves part of the milk ducts which allows you to breastfeed. During your consultation, make sure to let your surgeon know that this is important to you so that you can make an informed decision. 

Will surgery affect my nipple sensitivity?


No. It should not. Every person has his or her own degree of nipple sensitivity. Some people have super sensitive nipples while others, not so much. Having inverted nipples does not affect their sensitivity. Anytime that you have surgery, though, and things are cut, it may affect sensitivity. But as long as you see an experienced plastic surgeon, this shouldn’t be an issue. My patients are beyond pleased with their results.

I just had a baby and my nipples suddenly face inwards. Is this permanent? 

Not necessarily. An increase in the volume of the breasts, which occurs during pregnancy, can cause the nipples to invert. Inverted nipples may also occur post childbirth due to a sagging in the breasts.  Sometimes, this will correct itself. Other times, it won’t. For now, my advice is for you to relax and enjoy your new baby. Chances are, your body will return to itself in time. But if your nipples don’t “pop” back out and it bothers you, inverted nipple correction surgery is an easy fix. 

I have inverted nipples, but how do I know what level or degree they are?

The best way to tell is to make an appointment with a surgeon and be assessed in person. However, if you stand in front of a mirror naked and pinch your nipple, does it pop out easily? If so, you are probably a level 1. If it doesn’t, then you are level 2 or 3. 

Can You Have Surgery to Fix Inverted Nipples?

If you have inverted nipples, you can have minor surgery to bring them out. Inverted nipple surgery is a short, simple procedure that can help you feel more confident in the way your chest and nipples look. While there are nonsurgical ways to make your nipples protrude, these methods are only temporary. Going to a board-certified plastic surgeon for an inverted nipple surgery can provide you with a permanent solution to your problem

How Will a Doctor Diagnose an Inverted Nipple?

Your doctor will ask about your medical history and then examine your breasts and nipples. They may order a mammogram or sonogram to get accurate internal images of your breasts and nipples. Some doctors may even order an MRI. If you tell your doctor that the nipple inversion is new, your doctor may order further tests to delineate the cause.

How Long Does Inverted Nipple Surgery Take?

The simple procedure typically lasts less than an hour. There are two surgical options. Your plastic surgeon may choose to use the parachute-flap technique or the detached-duct technique. The parachute-flap technique leaves the part of your milk duct system in place. Although not guaranteed, the parachute-flap technique may help patients be able to breastfeed a baby. The detached-duct technique decreases the ability to breastfeed in the future. You should be able to leave the physician’s office two hours after the surgery.

Does Inverted Nipple Surgery Hurt?

Nipple surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia, so you will not feel any pain during the procedure. If the nipple surgery is combined with other procedures, you may be placed under general anesthesia.

How Much Does Inverted Nipple Surgery Cost?

Inverted nipple surgery costs between $2,000 and $6,000. Since it is considered cosmetic surgery, health insurance will not cover the procedure. If you are considering inverted nipple surgery, consult with your board-certified plastic surgeon about the cost associated with the procedure. The price may vary by surgeon experience and geographic location.

Why Do My Nipples Sink In?

Inverted nipples may be caused by milk ducts that are short and tight, pulling the nipple inwards.

Are Inverted Nipples Inherited?

Inverted nipples are usually genetic. If you have a short, thickened, or underdeveloped milk duct, you are more likely to have inverted nipples. If breast tissue is connected extremely tightly to the inside of the nipple, it can pull the skin inward and make the nipples lie flat against the breasts. This causes inverted nipples. Sometimes nipples become inverted because of inflammation. The inflammation shortens the milk ducts and fibrous tissue inside the nipple. In rare cases, inverted nipples are a symptom of cancer. For this reason, you should schedule a full breast exam with a board-certified physician who performs breast or plastic surgery.

How Do I Make My Inverted Nipples Come Out?

One non-surgical technique involves using suction pumps to cause the nipple to come out. Some people choose to get their nipples pierced. The jewelry keeps the nipples held out. Plastic devices called breast shells are sometimes placed inside bras. Breast shells place pressure around the base of the nipples, forcing them to stick out. Breast shells and suction pumps are only temporary fixes. Piercing your nipples has its risks as well. Inverted nipple surgery offers a simple and permanent solution.

How Long Does It Take for Inverted Nipple Surgery to Heal?

After inverted nipple surgery, it takes about two weeks to completely heal. You can immediately return to work as you continue the healing process. Avoid vigorous physical activity for one to two weeks. Within one or two weeks, you should feel ready to begin your normal exercise routine. After the procedure, your plastic surgeon will place a protective device and bandage over your nipple. They may tell you to keep the bandage in place for about four to six weeks to prevent external pressure from causing the nipple to invert again.

What Are Inverted Nipple Surgery Risks?

Inverted nipple surgery is an extremely safe procedure. It is performed in-office and is done solely for cosmetic reasons. After the surgery, you may experience swelling and sensitivity. As with all cosmetic procedures, there are other risks involved. These include bleeding, bruising and infection. If you experience any unusual symptoms, contact your surgeon right away.

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