Teamine Concealer

Teamine Concealer

Teamine Concealer is a new technology for dark circles. Available in LIGHT, MEDIUM and DARK. Teamine Concealer™ is so much more than a concealer. It’s a serious three-in-one eye complex that works to reduce dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles while it lightly conceals. Results of a clinical study proved the effectiveness of Teamine Concealer™ after once daily use:*

  • 86% of subjects showed an improvement in dark circles
  • 91% of subjects showed an improvement in fine lines
  • 93% of subjects showed an improvement in overall under-eye appearance

Who Benefits – All skin types.

*Double-blind, spilt-face, vehicle-controlled 12-week study. Data on file. Results may vary.

How To Use

Pat a very small amount under eyes and blend. Apply more if needed for added coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can all skin types use this product? Yes, anyone with dark circles, fine lines and puffiness will benefit from using Teamine Concealer™.
  2. Can I use this product instead of my regular concealer? Yes. Teamine Concealer™ was formulated to provide coverage of dark circles while helping to improve their appearance. You also get the added benefit of fine line and wrinkle improvement in one product.
  3. Should I use Teamine Concealer™ instead of Teamine® Eye Complex? You can use Teamine Concealer™ in the morning and Teamine® Eye Complex at night. The products can also be layered during the daytime. Apply Teamine® Eye Complex first and follow with Teamine Concealer™. The formulas contain different ingredients and technology, so when used together, they will provide enhanced results.
  4. What shades are available? Teamine Concealer™ comes in light, medium and dark shades. A shade slightly lighter than your skin tone is recommended.
  5. Why do I have dark circles? There are several factors that lead to dark circles, including genetics, age, allergies and lack of sleep. Teamine® contains ingredients to improve the appearance of dark circles no matter what the cause.
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