The Mommy Makeover: Rejuvenate Your Body After Pregnancy

Dr. Nazarian
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Dr. Nazarian

The Mommy Makeover is a catchy phrase to describe the mother-of-all elective procedures that lets modern moms shape their bodies after pregnancy. The physical demands of pregnancy, birth and nursing can drastically change your body.

While exercise and diet can help some moms bounce back to their pre-pregnancy body after childbirth, changes such as separated abdominals, deflated breasts, hernias or excess skin cannot be reversed without help from a qualified plastic surgeon. A mommy makeover combines some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in personalized ways to dramatically increase body confidence and self-esteem after childbirth.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

If you haven’t read about the trend-setting mommy makeover, you may be wondering: what is a mommy makeover procedure? This isn’t your average mall makeover or haircut transformation, this term describes an all-inclusive plastic surgery procedure featuring multiple individual surgeries whose effects help mothers to reclaim their bodies after bearing children.

While the physical effects of childbirth and nursing are natural and beautiful in their own way, many mothers feel disconnected from their bodies after these changes. Choosing to rejuvenate your body after childbirth can add a spark to your relationship and bring your confidence levels to new heights. Not only can new mothers regain their pre-baby bodies, these elective procedures allow you to augment features in ways that exercise and diet alone cannot.

Mommy makeovers have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. The cosmetological surgery review site RealSelf claims that 96% of reviewers say their mommy makeover surgeries were worth both the cost and recovery time. As the sixth most popular plastic surgery procedure reviewed on RealSelf, this high rate of patient satisfaction is noteworthy.

How Can a Mommy Makeover Benefit Me?

Having children can leave unwanted effects on your appearance. Some of these lasting effects include sagging breasts, stretched abdominal muscles, and excess skin. If you’re already dieting and exercising regularly, it can be discouraging when your body does not return to the shape it was before.

Addressing these unwanted changes resulting from childbearing can do a lot more than just restore your pre-baby body. Mommy makeovers can help women feel more comfortable about their bodies, more confident, and more like themselves. Every patient has unique goals for their mommy makeover procedure, but here are common reasons women pursue a mommy makeover:

  • Restore volume to sagging breasts
  • Improve breast symmetry
  • Repair stretched or enlarged areolas
  • Remove sagging or excess skin from abdominal muscles
  • Repair diastasis recti (stretched or damaged abdominal muscles)
  • Reduce pockets stubborn fat
  • Contouring to address issues with clothing or swimwear
  • Many women regain their self-confidence after the procedure

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When Should I Have a Mommy Makeover?

Women choose to have mommy makeovers for different reasons at different times. A woman’s reasons for choosing a mommy makeover are just as unique as the custom procedure she plays with her plastic surgeon. However, there are a few recommendations about when you should and should not plan a mommy makeover.

Dr. Nazarian recommends that moms wait until they are done having children, finished nursing, and within fifteen pounds of their goal weight before proceeding with mommy makeover surgeries. It’s important to do these things for Dr. Nazarian to get a general idea of what your body looks like after childbirth and what will be needed to achieve your aesthetic goals.

To determine if you’re ready for a mommy makeover procedure, ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I fully recovered from childbirth?
  • Have I finished breastfeeding?
  • Do I plan to become pregnant again in the future?
  • What are my childcare options during recovery?
  • Have I reached my goal weight or am I close?

Common Procedures in a Mommy Makeover:

The list of procedures involved in a mommy makeover is entirely customizable – no mommy makeover is exactly the same. Every step of a mommy makeover depends on your own personal goals and expectations. Here are common procedures that constitute a mommy makeover:


One benefit of the inclusive mommy makeover surgery is reduced recovery time when compared to completing these procedures across multiple appointments. Once you have scheduled a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon you can discuss which procedures will best help you reach your body goals.

It’s important to ask if you can safely commit to multiple procedures at once. Qualified plastic surgeons should be honest and ethical when discussing what is safe, and would never risk your health to fit in more surgical procedures. If you desire more than can be safely completed in one appointment, you can choose to schedule more appointments to get the body you desire.

While the name ‘mommy makeover’ caters specifically to mothers, remember that it’s just a marketing term. Anyone can apply for these surgeries. Self-esteem is deeply tied to our physical experience in the world, and cosmetic surgeries can help individuals to feel more confident and at-ease in their bodies.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Mommy Makeover

  1. The mommy makeover will be performed as outpatient surgery, so you’ll be able to recover at home. Depending on the procedures performed, Dr. Nazarian may recommend an overnight stay in a recovery suite for the first few nights.
  2. Full recovery may take one to two weeks. The amount of recovery time you’ll need depends largely on which procedures are included in your mommy makeover.
  3. During the recovery period, you will likely be sore, bruised, and swollen.
  4. During recovery, plan to have help around the house. You will be tired and sore for several days after the procedure and you will need to arrange for help with household chores from a friend or family member.
  5. Dr. Nazarian will prescribe appropriate pain medication for your recovery. If you are taking narcotics, you should not drive until you have stopped taking your medication.
  6. Do not expect to see all the results of your mommy makeover immediately. Some results can be seen right away, but others may take six months to a year for all the swelling to subside and the lasting effects to become fully visible.
  7. Dr. Nazarian will give you recommendations on what to avoid during your recovery. You should adhere to these instructions to ensure your recovery goes smoothly.
  8. Due to the decrease in circulation, smokers may face serious complication risks. Therefore, it is recommended that you quit smoking a minimum of 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after the procedure.
  9. To ensure lasting results, maintain a healthy lifestyle. After recovery, you should plan to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly.
  10. Since most mommy makeovers include invasive surgeries, it’s important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. Dr. Nazarian is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is highly skilled and trained to conduct mommy makeovers with impeccable results.

What to Expect: Mommy Makeover Results

The results of your mommy makeover can be life-changing – many women experience a wellspring of confidence after their procedures. It can be helpful to look at mommy makeover before and after galleries to see what other women achieved.

Please note that every person’s body is unique, and results may vary for each individual. Also, remember that these procedures do not substitute the need for good eating habits and regular exercise. While some results are immediate, your body will take time to adjust to this new normal. Swelling can persist for up to six months post-op, making patience imperative.

Not only do mommy makeovers help with self-esteem, there are recorded health benefits of some procedures. According to a recent study, abdominoplasty surgeries–commonly called tummy tucks–have been shown to reduce lower back pain and instances of urinary incontinence. They may also help hide or remove scars from cesarean births.

Mommy Makeover Before and After Photos

Here are some examples of what a successful Mommy Makeover procedure can result in. Please check out our mommy makeover before & after gallery for the procedures involved in a mommy makeover to see more results!

Mommy Makover 3B Nazarian Plastic Surgery Mommy Makover 3E Nazarian Plastic Surgery Mommy Makover 3D Nazarian Plastic Surgery

Mommy Makeover 119 4 Nazarian Plastic Surgery Mommy Makeover 119 3 Nazarian Plastic Surgery  Mommy Makeover 119 1 Nazarian Plastic Surgery

Mommy Makeover Risks and Recovery

There are many factors involved when discussing the mommy makeover recovery time and associated risks. Of course, the risks and recovery period of your procedure will depend on how extensive your mommy makeover is.

Potential Risks

There are potential risks with every surgery. Before your mommy makeover, Dr. Nazarian will discuss all the risks associated with your specific procedures. In general, the risks associated with a mommy makeover are the same as many other surgical procedures:

  • Blood loss
  • Infection
  • Poor healing at the incision site
  • Loss of sensation
  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Recurrent loose skin
  • Asymmetry that causes pain
  • Contour deformity
  • Anesthesia risks

Recovering From a Mommy Makeover

Recovery time can vary depending on which surgeries patients have undergone, their overall health throughout the process, and the physical requirements of the lifestyle they are returning to. On average, women need between one and four weeks of recovery time before they can return to a more regular routine.

For example, recoveries from breast augmentation or nipple reduction surgeries are less intensive than healing from a tummy tuck. Some procedures such as labiaplasty may require you to take a break from activities like bicycling or sexual intercourse until your body is fully healed.

Be Communicative About Aftercare

Always discuss your recovery plan and post-op requirements with a surgeon that has the education and dedication to cater to your personal needs. Experienced surgeons take care to minimize scarring and place sutures in areas that are easily covered by clothing.

For many of these surgeries scars are inevitable and should fade significantly in the months following your mommy makeover. Some patients may encounter post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), concentrated levels of melanin resulting in purple or brown spots at the site of sutures, which also fade with time.

Aftercare measures such as topical silicone gel treatments can be taken to help reduce keloids and hypertrophic scarring. These work to keep your skin hydrated after the initial healing process to avoid prominent or permanent scars. Talk with your plastic surgeon if you are concerned with scarring, as you may be able to achieve results with non-invasive procedures.

While more complex risks such as infection or blood clots are possible, medical advancements are making these comprehensive surgeries safer than ever before. Screening patients for pre-existing conditions and smoking habits helps surgeons prepare for and reduce the risk of possible complications.


Cost of a Mommy Makeover

After learning more about this complex procedure you may be wondering, how much is a mommy makeover? The average mommy makeover cost really depends on which procedures you desire for optimal results. There is a wide range of pricing from just $15,000 to nearly $75,000 (or higher) due to the personalization of each makeover.

Some factors to consider in cost variance are the surgeon’s level of experience, whether the procedure is done within the surgeon’s in-patient facility or in a hospital, and the number of surgeries done. Non-invasive services such as CoolSculpting® or BodyTite are generally less expensive and may be able to meet some clients’ expectations for fat reduction.

Get Real With Your Budget: Financing Options

Most procedures done in mommy makeovers are elective surgeries, which are not covered by insurance companies. Some procedures, such as hernia repair and diastasis rectis surgery may be included in your insurance coverage. Plastic surgeons may offer financing options for the procedures which are not covered under your health insurance.

Look for high quality plastic surgeons that are transparent in their pricing and don’t push you to add on procedures you weren’t planning for. Doctors should be clear and upfront when you request a quote, giving you peace of mind knowing there are no hidden costs.

Planning and Finding Time for a Mommy Makeover

Busy moms may find it difficult to find the right time to undergo elective surgeries. Luckily, when you tackle multiple procedures in one appointment, you are able to shorten your overall recovery time and better balance your schedule.

It is recommended to make sure you are done having children before planning your mommy makeover. Not only may pregnancy reverse your results, some procedures such as nipple reduction can inhibit your ability to breastfeed. Mothers should be at least six months past nursing for surgeons to accurately gauge their patient’s body in a baseline state.

Your plastic surgeon should provide patient resources and consistent communication to help you make informed decisions about your experience. It’s wise to have a list of questions to ask during your scheduled consultation to make sure you feel at ease and aware of what to expect.

Remember that the right plastic surgeon is worth traveling to. This comprehensive surgery is one you will only need once in your lifetime, so choosing the cheapest or closest plastic surgeon is ill advised. Acclaimed plastic surgeons may be more expensive, but if the costs associated with your mommy makeover are shockingly low you may be putting your health and happiness on the line.

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon: Experience Can’t Be Taught

Finding an educated and trustworthy surgeon may be the most important step towards reaching your cosmetic goals. Read through real patient testimonials of board-certified plastic surgeons, such as our very own Dr. Sheila Nazarian.

Browsing experienced plastic surgeon’s result galleries can help you make sure the surgeon’s individual style aligns with your own beauty goals. You want to choose a doctor that will be informative and thorough; giving you natural results that blend with your individual beauty.

A small percentage of women with mommy makeover regrets experienced issues such as asymmetrical breasts, excessive scarring or a painful recovery. These issues can be alleviated or avoided by carefully planning alongside your trusted plastic surgeon to ensure you get the results and graceful recovery you desire. To ease through your healing process, be sure to include planning for childcare and household help throughout your recovery.

Contact Us Today

All mothers should have the opportunity to feel confident and beautiful after childbirth. If you are interested in learning more about how you can benefit from a personalized mommy makeover, contact us today or request a consultation with us at Nazarian Plastic Surgery. Our team of professionals is available to answer any questions you have while planning for the body of your dreams. We look forward to hearing from you!

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