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Optimize your body with a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills

Our breasts are one of our power centers. Adding a bit more volume to make them more proportional or to restore lost volume after pregnancy and/or weight loss is an easy way to boost vitality and feel fantastic. But some patients don’t want a foreign device in their bodies.

Fat grafting to the breast gives them the option of increasing fullness without a breast implant. The ideal candidate for fat transfer to the breast must have good skin tone, areas of excess fat elsewhere on the body, and not a lot of sagging in the skin and tissues of the breasts. In addition to patients who don’t want an implant, fat grafting to the breasts may be a good option.

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Am I a Good Fat Transfer to Breasts Candidate?

For women, liposuction with fat transfer to the breasts is typically performed in the patient who doesn’t have any sagging but does have a lack of volume at the top of the breast. It is also required that the patient have areas of fat elsewhere on their body for liposuction and transfer of fat to the breasts. First, liposuction is performed. The harvested fat is filtered and then injected into the breast. Men also have this procedure done to enhance the look of their pectoralis or chest muscles.

Ideal Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Candidate

Fat grafting to the breasts may be a good option for:
  • younger patients who aren’t ready to commit to a breast implant
  • women who want a bit more volume, but not a whole cup size
  • slender women who need more soft tissue coverage on top with their breast implant or who show rippling due to thinned skin
  • patients who want to improve a less than an ideal breast augmentation result, and who don’t want to replace their breast implants

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Fat Transfer to Breasts Cost & Pricing Structure

  • Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation National Average: $6,525✝
  • Beverly Hills, California Average: $10,000 - $15,000✝
  • Our Price: Costs can vary depending on the provider. Please contact us for an estimate.

✝ Does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.
*Pricing may differ at Nazarian Plastic Surgery and Spa26 based on which practitioner performs your treatment.
(Pricing does not include the area(s) of Liposuction as that is considered a separate cost.)

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Fat Transfer to Breasts Technique

One of the nicest things about fat grafting, however, is that the fat cells that remain are permanent. Fat grafting to the breast is performed under general anesthesia in an accredited surgery center.

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Fat Transfer to Breasts Prep, Recovery & Safety

Day of the procedure

Much of the procedure time depends on the amount of liposuction that is being performed so each case is different.


At first, your fat transfer to the breast results may look bruised and bigger than initially discussed. Don’t worry. This is normal. Dr. Nazarian will typically overfill by about 20% in order to accommodate for the eventual loss of a percentage of the fat cells. All of this will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation. You can expect the donor site and your breasts to be swollen and bruised. The bruising and the majority of the swelling should resolve in a couple of weeks. But it may take anywhere from 3-6 months for your final, final results so be patient. Most patients describe this procedure as being sore, not necessarily painful. In general, patients can return to their normal activities, including exercise, at 3-4 weeks although Dr. Nazarian asks that you refrain from upper body work for about 4 weeks.


This procedure has been studied well and is considered safe. Normal breast exams and mammography is recommended before and after this procedure. If you have a large amount of fat harvested with liposuction, you will probably need to wear some type of compression garment over the donor site for a few weeks. This will help to reduce swelling, decrease discomfort and speed up your healing process.

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    Arnica, Bromelain, and Vitamin K are widely used pre-procedure in the cosmetic surgery industry for their ability to help minimize bruising and swelling after a surgical or non-surgical procedure. Dr. Nazarian recommends starting 1 month before surgery with 2 pills a day and continuing for 2 weeks after surgery.

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Dr Sheila Nazarian Plastic Surgeon

It’s really going to depend on how much your breasts sag. In general, if you can place a pen underneath your breast and it doesn’t drop to the ground, you probably need a breast lift. Another indicator is nipple position. If your nipples sit below the crease of your breasts, you will probably need a lift.

Scars are probably the single biggest deterrent for patients when it comes to any kind of surgical procedure. This is especially true with the breasts. They are such a vital part of our identity as women that it can be frightening to think about scars marring their beauty. But here’s the thing to remember with scars on the breast: they typically heal really well. Furthermore, I have a lot of experience with breast augmentations, and take the necessary time to make sure that any scars are as inconspicuous as possible. I hide them in the crease of the breast or around the nipple. The other thing with scars is that they always look pink at first, but they will get better with time. However, it can take up to a year so patience is important.

There is not a lot known about breast implant illness. It is really a catch-all term for a group of auto-immune symptoms that are thought to be tied to a woman’s breast implants. The most common symptoms are brain fog, fatigue, and joint pain. Breast implants are the most studied medical device in history, but we are still talking about a foreign device in the body. It is conceivable that some patient’s bodies might react to them. A few plastic surgeons dismiss breast implant illness out of hand. I do not. I think that if a patient has exhausted her medical options and found no underlying cause for her symptoms, and she wants her implants removed, I remove them. Period. My job is to be your ally, always

ALCL is extremely rare yet very real. The FDA as well as Canada Health are taking it very seriously. So far, all of the cases of ALCL, which is a very small percentage of the overall number of patients with breast implants, involve textured implants only. If you have textured implants, there is no need to panic. It does not mean that you will get ALCL. But you do want to pay attention, and if you get an unexplained fever then go to your plastic surgeon. When caught early, ALCL is totally curable. Really, the best way to stay on top of your breast implant health in general is to take advantage of your yearly follow up. I encourage all of my breast augmentation patients to come in and see me annually. It gives me the opportunity to check on you physically, and to discuss any breaking news that may be causing anxiety

It is impossible to say without assessing you in person. Also, cup size is a really poor indicator of your actual breast volume. This is because bra cup measurements vary widely between manufacturers. The better thing to focus on is the “look” you want to achieve. Once you have an idea, schedule a consultation to speak with a plastic surgeon. He or she can take your chest measurements and discuss the best options for delivering on your goals.

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