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The ears are a crucial component to the aesthetic appearance of the face. When they are out of proportion, extend out too far from the head, or are misshapen due to an injury or birth defect, it can make a patient feel less attractive. Otoplasty, also known as ear tuck or ear pinning, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to decrease the projection of your ears.

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  • Arnica

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  • Ocumend

    This innovative, ultra-penetrating technology is clinically proven to reduce bruising, swelling and pain.

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  • Silagen- 100% Pure Silicone Gel

    Silagen Silicone Scar Treatments are a revolutionary, physician-exclusive line of medical grade silicone scar treatment products created to dramatically reduce the appearance of scars. Don’t let your self-consciousness about scars keep you from living your best life. Stop hiding your scars with clothes and use Silagen silicone scar treatments to reduce their visibility for good.

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    Silagen Silicone Scar Treatments are a revolutionary, physician-exclusive line of medical grade silicone scar treatment products created to dramatically reduce the appearance of scars. Don’t let your self-consciousness about scars keep you from living your best life. Stop hiding your scars with clothes and use Silagen silicone scar treatments to reduce their visibility for good.

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  • Lightstim

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Otoplasty Consultation

If you have ever felt self-conscious about your ears or been teased for having ears that stick out, schedule a consultation to come in and speak with us about whether or not ear tuck surgery can help. During your otoplasty consultation, Dr. Nazarian will listen closely to what bothers you about your ears. She’ll ask about your medical history as well as whether or not you have had any prior procedures on your ears and/or face. She will then perform a thorough physical examination to assess the position of your ears in relation to the side of your face as well as their size and shape. Then, together, you will discuss exactly what ear tuck surgery can and cannot do for you.

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Are You a Candidate for Ear Tuck Surgery?

Otoplasty is good for both men and women of all ages who are bothered by their ears:
  • size
  • shape
  • position
Ear surgery patients may have ears that are too big, that stick out too far from the side of their head or that are an odd shape due to an injury or birth defect.  Otoplasty patients should be in good overall health, and not smoke. Ear tuck surgery is almost always performed on both ears, even if only one is considered a bit more aesthetically displeasing. This allows Dr. Nazarian the most control in terms of restoring symmetry and proportion to your face. Otoplasty surgery is a purely aesthetic procedure that will not adversely affect your hearing.

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Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia in our Beverly Hills office. Dr. Nazarian will first inject the circumference of your ear with an anesthetic. Once the ear is completely numb, she will make her incisions. The placement of the incisions will depend on your individual needs. In general, the larger incisions are placed behind the ear where they are easily hidden in the crease. There will be a small 4mm incision on the front of the ear that heals well. Depending on a patient’s age and cartilage softness, she will use dissolvable or permanent stitches to secure the re-shaped cartilage into its new position. Sutures placed on the outside of the skin will eventually fall out on their own. The procedure takes about 2 hours and is very well tolerated.   Dr. Nazarian believes that it is important to have patients awake during otoplasty surgery. The reason is that there is a limit to how far back the ear can be pulled without causing Spock ears or other folds in the cartilage. When the sutures are placed in the back of your ear, she likes to have you look in a hand-held mirror while she tightens the sutures to show you how far back your ears can go without causing any deformity. Having you involved during surgery leads to higher patient satisfaction as it promotes a feeling of partnership. Dr. Nazarian is really just an extension of your wants and wishes.

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Risks with Ear Tuck Surgery

The biggest risk or downside to otoplasty surgery is recurrence. Cartilage has memory. It likes to go back to where it was. Furthermore, the cartilage in the ears continues to grow as we age. Although rare, you may need another ear tuck surgery at some point. All of this will be discussed with you in detail during your initial consultation.  Otoplasty is a very safe procedure, but it is surgery, so there are always some risks. Anytime that a surgeon makes a cut in the skin, there is going to be a scar. Dr. Nazarian prides herself on her meticulous surgical techniques. This is what helps to ensure that any scar is as inconspicuous as conceivably possible. Furthermore, with ear tuck surgery in particular, the incisions are purposefully placed in areas where any scar line will be naturally hidden.

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Asked Questions

I feel like my whole face is uneven. Could an otoplasty really help?

Without seeing you in person or at least a photo, it is impossible to say what is throwing off your facial harmony. But in general, yes, you’d be surprised how much your ears actually affect the look of your face as a whole. In the right patient, ear tuck surgery can be a really simple way to restore proper proportion. I would suggest that you schedule an in-person consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area who performs a lot of ear tuck surgeries. It’s such a safe and quick procedure - definitely worth getting checked out.

I had an otoplasty before, but it looks like I need another one. Is this possible?

Yes. Unfortunately. The biggest complication of otoplasty is that the cartilage of the ears likes to go back to its old position. I use permanent sutures and shave the front part of your ear cartilage to weaken it. These moves give me a really high success rate.

My ears still look funny and it’s been two weeks. What’s up?

Swelling. It’s the body’s natural response to any kind of trauma. And surgery is traumatic. I know it’s frustrating, but you have to practice a bit of patience. It may take anywhere from 3-6 months for the swelling to fully subside. But most of it should be gone by 8 weeks. We will see you multiple times after surgery so we are there to guide you throughout your healing process.

Is ear tuck surgery safe?

 I don’t want to damage my hearing. An otoplasty is a purely aesthetic procedure. It is beyond safe. I don’t go anywhere near the internal parts of the ear so there is no risk of jeopardizing your hearing. I am not even actually changing the position of your ears — just how close they are to the side of your head.

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