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Optimize your Look with an Upper Lip Lift in Beverly Hills

An Upper Lip Lift is an in-office cosmetic surgery to reduce the space between your nose and the upper lip (philtrum). This safe and effective procedure will increase the visibility of the lips, making them appear fuller, plump, and defined.

This procedure aims to elevate the upper lip for two reasons:
    1. Minimize the length of an overly long upper lip
    2. Increase the "red show" to make thin lips appear full and plump.

The procedure is a perfect remedy for older patients looking to restore a more youthful appearance and younger patients who desire a specific lip appearance. Patients can enjoy plump, symmetrical lips that enhance their overall facial symmetry and smile with results that last a lifetime.

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What is Upper Lip Lift?

The Upper Lip Lift is a simple in-office cosmetic surgery to enhance the overall appearance of your lips, cupid's bow, and smile. This surgery enhances facial symmetry and rejuvenation by plumping the upper lip, making it appear plump, defined, and shaped to complement your features.

The Upper Lip Lift is a safe and highly effective remedy to combat thin, aging, or long lips. Full results become apparent in 6-8 weeks and last several years, making this an ideal procedure for anyone looking to restore or improve the structure and symmetry of their lips.

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Upper Lip Lift Benefits

There are no limitations to who can benefit from the Upper Lip Lift cosmetic procedure. No matter your age, this procedure corrects the signs of facial aging and improves the appearance of the lips.

What Results to Expect:

  • Lifts The Corners of The Mouth
  • Restores A Youthful Appearance To The Mouth Area
  • Provides A More Prominent Lipline
  • Reduces Smoker's Lines
  • Fuller Lips
  • More Symmetrical Smile
  • It Allows You To Show More Teeth When Smiling
  • Reduction of Fine Lines Above The Lips
  • Natural-Looking, Permanent Results

How Long Will Results Last?

The surgeon will perform a lip lift surgery under local anesthesia in less than one hour. The benefits of an Upper Lip Lift can reliably last well over a decade.

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Upper Lip Lift Cost & Pricing Structure

The cost of an Upper Lip Lift varies depending on your chosen surgeon and geographical location. Costs can increase if you combine your surgery with other cosmetic treatments to enhance your results.

  • US National Average: $4,000-$10,000
  • Our Price: Costs can vary depending on the provider. Please contact us for an estimate.
  • Additional Costs: There are no additional costs.
  • Insurance: Insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures. We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.

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How the Procedure Works

Upper Lip Lift s are simple surgeries performed along with other cosmetic procedures such as facelifts and rhinoplasty. The procedure begins with your provider marking your skin to ensure proper incision placement. Continue reading to find out more about the procedure.

Before & Preparation

  • Begin taking Arnica, Bromelain, and Vitamin K 14 days before your procedure to help reduce bruising and swelling after surgery. Check Dr. Nazarian’s The Skin Spot for the best discounts.
  • Avoid smoking for four weeks before and after surgery to minimize post-procedure bruising and swelling.
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages 48 hours before your procedure.
  • Avoid taking medications such as aspirin and other blood thinners 14 days before surgery.


During the Procedure.

On your treatment day, the experienced practitioner will perform the following in under one hour:

  • Disinfect the treatment area before administering local anesthesia.
  • Make an incision from one nostril to the other.
  • Cut excess skin and close the treatment area with sutures or stitches.


Aftercare & Recovery.

After an Upper Lip Lift procedure, the responsible person will inform you what to expect. You may take up to 4 weeks to recover from swelling and bruising. Patients with naturally fuller lips may take longer to heal because more tissue needs to recover than those with thinner lips.

  • Take special care to rest fully for at least 24 hours post-procedure.
  • It would help if you did not exercise for at least 14 days after surgery.
  • Eat soft foods for 48 hours post-procedure.
  • Avoid salty food and hot drinks for 48 hours.
  • Avoid sleeping on your procedure areas.
  • Elevate your head and back during sleep.
  • Avoid strenuous activities, bending over, and lifting heavy objects for 72-96 hours post-surgery.
  • Use a small toothbrush to brush your teeth.
  • Arnica supplements and vitamin C will help to reduce bruising and improve healing.
  • Moisturize your lips with vaseline or other suitable lip balms for three weeks post-surgery.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Upper Lip Lift?

An Upper Lip Lift is a good option for older people who want to reduce the distance between the nose and lips. Due to reduced skin elasticity, your lips may appear to sag as you age.

For younger people who are discontented with fillers or feel that fillers gave them “duck lips,” an Upper Lip Lift would be perfect. You will not be a good candidate if:
  • You are a smoker and unwilling to quit for 2-4 weeks post-surgery healing.
  • You do not have a gap between the top of the lip and your nose, typically approximately 1.5 centimeters.
  • You are under 30 years old, have a fuller upper red lip, and have good teeth showing when you smile.
  • You will want to inform your surgeon of any underlying medical conditions. Inflammatory and autoimmune diseases may limit your candidacy.

Check other requirements below:
  • Typical Age: Most patients are between 20 and 40. There are no age restrictions for an Upper Lip Lift.
  • Weight: Your ideal/average body weight.
  • Health Restrictions: You will want to inform your surgeon if you have diabetes or any other condition affecting your blood clotting ability. Oral herpes is also a legitimate concern that your doctor should know.

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Side Effects & Risks

Just like any other cosmetic surgery, the Upper Lip Lift can have potential risks of complications. These include:

  • Poor Wound Healing
  • Scarring
  • Blood Loss During Surgery
  • Allergic Reactions From Anesthesia
  • Nerve Damage

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Similar & Related Procedures

  • Lip Fillers: Lip fillers are injectable substances placed under the skin of your upper and lower lips. Common fillers include Juvéderm®, Voluma, Restylane, and Perlane. Lip fillers are also simple in-office procedures.
  • Lip Implants: Lip implants are permanent lip augmentation alternatives to injectable lip enhancement procedures, where plastic implants are used to plump up the lips.
  • Fat Grafting: Unlike fillers and implants, fat grafting uses fat as the injectable material to enhance your lips. Fat grafting procedures are performed in-office with a local anesthetic.

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    Arnica, Bromelain, and Vitamin K are widely used pre-procedure in the cosmetic surgery industry for their ability to help minimize bruising and swelling after a surgical or non-surgical procedure. Dr. Nazarian recommends starting 1 month before surgery with 2 pills a day and continuing for 2 weeks after surgery.

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Dr Sheila Nazarian Plastic Surgeon

Traditionally, this type of procedure was sought after by middle-aged women, but younger women are now looking for sexier fuller lips that look natural. An upper lip lift is ideal for those who have an elongated upper lip, want to improve the border of the lips, looking to improve the visibility of teeth when they smile or have a diminishing Cupid’s bow.

Fuller and poutier lips Improves the shape and length of lips More prominent lip line Improve smile and show more teeth Reduce fine lines on the upper lip Subtle improvement of the corners of the mouth Makes the lips and lower face appear younger Decreased need for fillers Permanent enhancement Improve self-esteem

A lip lift provides permanent results and eliminates issues with an elongated upper lip. Lip fillers are designed to help increase the volume of the lips, but results are temporary and will not help with the elongation of the upper lip area.

Yes, we have financing options to help you get the cosmetic enhancements you want and need to improve your appearance and self-esteem. Visit our financing page for more information.

Yes, at Nazarian Plastic Surgery and Spa26 we offer financing through third-party providers, Care Credit and LendingUSA, both of which offer our patients 0% interest for up to 6 months!

An Upper Lip Lift is a one-time cosmetic procedure that lasts over ten years. The results may vary depending on your anatomy and the amount of skin tissue to be removed.

The Upper Lip Lift will typically cost between $1000 and $3000. However, procedure costs will vary depending on certain factors, including the type of lip enhancement selected.

Aesthetic experts perform lip lifts in different ways. All methods involve an incision below the nose to elevate the upper lip. The Upper Lip Lift   accentuates the “red show” of the lips by removing some tissue and skin under the nose.

An Upper Lip Lift is a simple 40-minute procedure that renders minimal discomfort and pain. Your surgeon will administer local anesthesia before surgery to ensure a pain-free procedure and provide pain medication for post-operation recovery.

Upper Lip Lifts reduce the distance between the nose and mouth, dramatically improving signs of aging. Your surgeon will create an individualized plan to achieve your specific aesthetic goals.

Upper Lip Lifts can improve your smile by reducing the distance between your nose and lips. You will not alter your overall look, but your smile will appear more youthful and symmetrical.

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