Pellefirm Treatment

What is the PelleFirm™?


PelleFirm™ is an FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment for the body that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite in stubborn areas. The procedure uses pain-free radiofrequency technology to help create a smoother, firmer appearance.

How does PelleFirm™ work?

Similar to the Pellevé treatment, PelleFirm™ uses a handheld device to help elevate tissue temperature up to around 113 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat, when coupled with mechanical massage heads, helps to improve the lymphatic drainage that causes cellulite. The heating and massaging actions also help to repair existing collagen and stimulate new, healthy collagen production. Each treatment session takes approximately 30 minutes. PelleFirm™ is virtually pain-free and it requires no special preparation, after-care or downtime. Patients achieve optimal results over a series of four to six sessions with additional periodic sessions to help maintain results.

PelleFirm™ is FDA-approved to temporarily improve the dimpled appearance of cellulite as well as skin firmness, tone and contour. It can help smooth and tighten skin on nearly any area of the body, and it is ideal for targeting stubborn problem areas such as the abdomen, arms, thighs and glutes. It can also help improve loose, sagging skin in hard-to-target areas such as the neck.

Is PelleFirm™ Right for You?

PelleFirm™ is safe and effective for those men and women who wish to address cellulite and enjoy tighter skin. However, the treatment is especially ideal for those patients between the ages of 30 and 65 who have mild to moderate skin laxity and cellulite. It’s a great option for those who would simply like to look their best, whether the treatment is in preparation for a special event or a part of post-pregnancy rejuvenation. PelleFirm™ may also benefit those patients who have received liposuction in the past and would like to address the loose, crepey skin that may have been left behind.

How long do the results from PelleFirm™ last?

PelleFirm™ is designed to temporarily improve the look of cellulite and firm loose skin, but the effects are long-lasting. PelleFirm can only be carried out in clinic, and doctors recommend a short course of treatments for the best results; reporting that after 4-6 treatments every two weeks patients show significant improvement in problem areas.

For more information on PelleFirm or to find out if it’s the right treatment for you, call Nazarian Plastic Surgery at (310) 659-0500 or Request a Consultation ». Our Beverly Hills location is conveniently located near major roads and freeways, so it’s easy to find our office.

Meet Our Plastic Surgeon, Aesthetician and Staff

Sheila Nazarian, MD, MMM - Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Sheila Nazarian, MD, MMM – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

A board certified plastic surgeon and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the University of Southern California faculty, Dr. Nazarian is the founder of Nazarian Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Known for her warmth and  ability to put patients at ease, she helps patients explore available options to achieve their aesthetic goals.

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Alexa Yontz, LE - Nazarian Plastic Surgery - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Alexa Yontz, LE – Aesthetician and Med Spa Specialist

Alexa brings to Nazarian Plastic Surgery broad experience in the aesthetics and med spa industries. She has 25 years of industry knowledge, the last ten of which have been in medical aesthetics. Her additional five years of Coolsculpting® work, combined with her vast understanding in aesthetics, has enabled her to create an ideal, balanced treatment philosophy.

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Mastaneh Haykani, PA-C – Physician Assistant - Nazarian Plastic Surgery - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Mastaneh Haykani, PA-C – Physician Assistant

Mastaneh is certified in Coolsculpting, miraDry, Radiofrequency and Z-wave treatments Picosure, BBL, Laser Tattoo Removal, Acid peels, Botox and Dysport Injection as well as all Fillers. She loves to help her patients look and feel their best. She is known for her gentle manner and excellent results.

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Sidnia Neal, LE - Nazarian Plastic Surgery - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Sidnia Neal, LE

Sidnia is a licensed aesthetician and the first face you will see when you visit the office. A mother of two beautiful teenagers and a wife of 7 years, she brings efficiency and organization to our office. She is also a closet-makeup-aholic.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Dr.Sheila Nazarian is the best plastic surgeon overall. I have never met such a nice, professsional and humble doctor like her.I had breast augmentation 5 days ago and I’m feeling great.Wow what a great experience with Dr . Nazarian. She is wonderful and very caring thru the whole process. Thanks Dr.for changing my appearance and helping me with every question I had. I totally recommend her to anyone who is looking for an excellent Dr. If I would of known about her before, I would of done this procedure years ago.This is my first time writing a review, but I had to share this experience because I know there are people looking for a good Dr they can trust. I am truly very happy with Dr . Nazarian. Again thank you very much for doing such a great job.
Idi L.
Dr. Nazarian is the a 5 star plastic surgeon! I had a growing scalp mass above my left ear, kinda like a cyst, she told me it was called lipoma. Anyway she removed the cyst in her office even when I was told by other doctors that it had to be done at a hospital which is more cost full and inconvenient for your wallet. She’s a great doctor and definitely recommend anyone to visit her office, her receptionist is on point and is very kind, helpful, and welcoming when visiting the office or calling about your appointment.
Irvin D.
Besides being a great surgeon, Dr Nazarian carries a line for PREGNANT women called Spa Momma which is made-in-the-USA with no lead, phthalates, formaldehyde, propylene glycol, and no pregnancy-contraindicated aromatherapy oils!!!!!! I am obsessed with the body oil and the body scrub! I was having some major itching issues and I tried everything but nothing really helped. Then I tried the itchies body oil and it was the first relief I had had in months and I have no stretch marks!!!!!!!! Dr Nazarian is so up to date and science based and is willing to take time and help you out no matter what you issue is!!! I love her professionalism and recommend 110%!
Nu H., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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